20150925::Our website has been updated
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it's been a month from the last update and we've been working on these improvements.

Please clean up your browser's cache to take effects of this update.

1. Easier Blog Theme Management

Blog theme management page has improved.

2. Updated Page Design

Page layout of Camp Compass, Travel Information and Village Hall has updated. Best and Recommended are moved to the right. We hope this would be comfier to read.

3. Related Posts

Added a new feature : Read Related Posts

Helps you to find similar and related articles right on the article you are reading.

4. Improved Editor

Color palate has updated.

Now you can choose text format such like "Header 1" and set text alignment at the same time.

5. Image preview for social media links

Added image preview page for links from social media on mobile.

And addressed some bugs.

Main page shows the contents by chosen language preferentially.

Clicking a Tag from Tag Cloud gives you to the search results for the Tag.

Happy Korean thanks giving.

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