How to make subway style graph?
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Here we are introducing a new feature added on 20 August 2015.

You can highlight the place of your voyage with a subway map style graph.


Here are the rules for this function :

1. Open a graph with ''
2. Places should be in [ ]. You can put places as many as you want.
3. You can add annotations for the places with '::'

4. You may highlight the place you want with quotes("). If there is a annotation for the place, you must include the annotation in the quotes. You can highlight only one place in a graph.
5. You can put multiple graphs in an article.

The example code will be shown as following :

  • Start
  • SeoulCapital City
  • JejuIsland
  • BusanHaeundae
  • Finish

We hope this makes our service a bit more attractive.

Thank you

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