Signed MoU with Goyang City
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We are glad to announce a good news :D

We are glad to announce a good news :D

Look and Walk have signed MoU with Goyang City. Actually there were some limitations of informations we serve because we had no official source of those informations. Due to this MoU, we believe that we can provide informations in public trust from now on.

As you can see from the news article(in Korean) below, the we have signed this MoU on January but we are announcing this now cause we had to prepare and make everything sure for this before we tell you about it.

In the meantime, we have prepared a blog page for Goyang City and uploaded the informations provided by Goyang City. It is not complete yet but we will continue to update.

Here it is.

Goyang City Blog in Look and Walk

We are thankful for all you people following and enjoying LookandWalk's contents and we'll keep doing our best. Thank you!!!

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