20150606::Our website has been updated.
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It's the first update on June 2015. We are super busy on preparing a new service.

This update includes following changes and improvements.

Please clean up your browser's cache to take effects of this update.

1. Bug fixed : Broken main page on Chrome Mac OS X

2. Improved menu scrolling down on entire website

3. Bug fixed : Security warning issue on Google Chrome when signing up

4. Bug fixed : Hidden articles exposed when searching articles

5. Bug fixed : Warning message when viewing large images by clicking on them

6. Bug fixed : 'resend authentication mail' didn't actually resend authentication mail

7. Bug fixed : User Info - Activity Log displays wrong information

8. Bug fixed : Currently viewing article doesn't highlight on the bottom list on blog with Non-Korean language.

9. Bug fixed : Displaying wrong sent time and read time

10. Added zoom button on embedded google maps

11. Added new function : Putting '@' on the first of comment now shows the list of users who added comment on the same page.

We are expecting to show you something useful soon.

We will do our best to make this place to be loved by the people love to travel. :D

Thank you.

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