20150524::Our website has been updated.
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It's been almost a month since the last update. This update includes lots of changes and users could feel the change from following.

Please delete your web browser's cache before use.

1. Bug fixed : Displaying wrong number of messages on the top of main page

2. Bug fixed : Displaying broken characters on the main page

3. Bug fixed : Displaying wrong image when a thumbnail image is clicked

4. Improved security using https

5. Bug fixed : Displaying image with wrong ratio

6. Bug fixed : There was a bug with receiving messages on any domain name without www.

7. Bug fixed : Unexpected error when posting with Cambodian.

8. Bug fixed : Problem with lining when writing

9. Bug fixed : Trimming empty spaces when writing on linux-firefox

10. Bug fixed : Unexpected image rotating when uploading images

11. Improved exif information when creating thumbnail images

12. improved multi language support when sharing posts by email.

- Chosen language and contents language can be managed separated. The title of shared content goes same as the chosen language.

13. Added new feature : You may make bookmarks by language

- Making bookmark while reading Japanese page will make Japanese page's bookmark.

14. From now on, 'like' search condition is used on 'Sending message' function

15. Bug fixed : Displaying thumbnail on 'My Travel Calendar' page.

Moreover.. There are many changes including server dispersion.

Please kindly write on Q&A if you find any error or abnormality of function.

We appreciate for using our service. We will do our best 24/7. :D

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